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    Wood Carving Grinder Attachments

    The Arbortech line of wood carving grinder attachments are incredible! So many men these days enjoy the pass time of wood working and having the right tool for the job is essential to keep this hobby sustainable. It can be very frustrating when you have an idea an do not really know how to make it come to fruition. The Arbortech wood carving grinder attachments allow you the freedom you need to carve wood with ease. These are the right tools for the job with a high level of quality.  Getting the entire set would make an excellent gift for any man who is into wood working. I would certainly love to get any or all of them!
    industrial pro | wood carving grinder attachments

    Industrial Pro

    The Industrial Pro is designed to take out large amounts of wood from your project. Mainly used in the beginning to chip your wood down to a manageable size for carving more intricate designs. If you need to rough out a chair seat or take out large portions of an artistic project this is the disk you need. Made from hardened steel and tungsten carbide, this disk will last you a long time and you will make many projects with it.

    turbo Plane, wood carving grinder attachments

    Turbo Plane

    Like the Industrial Pro, the Turbo Plane takes off a significant amount of wood, but can also give a smoother finish. Great for freehand carving for a more organic finish, think Sam Maloof. This wheel is specifically designed to be laid flat and does not have a cutting surface on the outer ring. This also makes the Turbo Plane a bit safer to use.

    turbo shaft | wood carving grinder attachments

    Turbo Shaft

    The Turbo Shaft offers a very unique design for a wood carving tool. The Turb Shaft is a smaller cutting device that can go straight down to make deep, yet smaller holes. This tool is also great for freehand carving and getting into more detail. It can also be used to cut out lettering for signs and can even be attached to a jig to make perfect circles.

    ball gauge, wood carving grinder attachments

    Ball Gouge Grinder

    And last but not least, the Ball gauge Grinder. Made to carve wood smooth an get into tight spots, the ball gauge grinder can be use for finishing passes and well as freehand work. Great for carving spoons and small bowls, this grinder will make quick work of wood removal. This grinder has great control making it the right tool for the job.

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