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    Boosted Board Alternative

    At Good Man Stuff, a good, reliable, and affordable product is something we strive for. This awesome and affordable electric skateboard we found definitely meets that criteria! The Spadger Electric Skateboard is the Boosted Board alternative people are looking for. Lets Compare.  
    Boosted Board Alternative, Spadger Electric Skateboard

    The Spadger Electric Skateboard

    Speed: 23Mph

    Mile Range: 12 Miles

    Skateboard Weight: 17.64 Ibs

    Weight Capacity: 264 Ibs

    Grade Hill: 25%

    Controller:  App

    Special Features:
    – Built in smart LED Lights under board
    – Bluetooth stereo audio speaker
    – LED lights and Audio speaker is controlled by APP (comes free with purchase). Super fast response time with APP.
    – Board is fireproof, explosion-proof, and shock-proof

    Cost: $499.89


    Boosted Board Alternative

    Boosted Board


    Speed: 22Mph

    Mile Range: 14 Miles

    Skateboard Weight: 17 pounds

    Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

    Grade Hill: 25%

    Controller: Comes with its own control hardware

    Special Features:
    – Extended range battery
    – Highest roll speed
    – 4 Speed modes

    Cost: $1,399


    Spadger Electric Skateboard and Boosted Board


    After comparing  the two boards, the Spadger Electric Skateboard may have an upper hand in this. The differences between the two amazing electric skateboard manufacturers are the speed, mile range, weight capacity, and controllers, but the differences aren’t significant enough, other than their pricing and its unique features.

    In our opinion, the Spadger Electric Skateboard provided more features with their smart LEDS and Audio (Our jaws dropped after reading that part). The only downside is, unlike Boosted Board, having the APP as the controller. We prefer to have it as a separate hardware for battery life purposes, but that’s only coming from a worst case scenario situation, like running out of battery life on our mobile phone. And lastly, saving the best for last, the cost differences is big on this one! It’s almost about a $900 difference between the two boards – not only that, it also comes with a ONE year warranty. Wow. Can’t beat that.

    With all of that being said, the Spadger Electric Skateboard is a great Boosted Board Alternative, hands down.