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    Stainless Steel French Press

    At GMS we absolutely love this French press! This stainless steel French press has proven its weight with years of reliability and in its consistency to make a great cup of coffee. The biggest difference between this press and many others is of course that it is stainless steel and not glass. It makes this press far more durable and in turn last much longer, which makes it a great investment. We have broken many glass presses in our day, but this one simply will not go down. Ours has been running strong for several years and we do not see why it would fail anytime soon. This French press is also great for traveling or camping as it can be packed without worry of breaking. It also holds in the heat longer with a double lined wall structure. The price on this press is also impossible to beat! This is our daily coffee maker at GMS and we can’t imagine our mornings without it. 3, 1 ounce scoops of coffee does the trick for us. You can use a sauce pan to heat your water or we use an electric water boiler that will also be linked below. You are going to thank us for this one!
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